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I just stopped in there on a whim and asked them if they cut women's hair and I was assured that they did. I also asked if they had somebody that knew how to feather or layer hair and they said they did. The hairstylist assured me that she knew what to do. To make a long story short I have Feathering on the top of my head which was done fine but then the sides went to hell. She had no idea how to layer the sides and my hair is all one length down to my armpits With layers because it's so thin. and she ended up cutting my sides just below my ear lobes abtv2 inches or more in. 1 side is on an angle so it kinda blends in with my curls the other side is cut straight and it doesn't blend into anything... If I pull my hair back it looks like I have a huge sideburn I guess for a lack of a better description. When she did that I ended the haircut and said I had to go. The owner offered to fix my hair but it's already short I can't do anything more with it, we can't glue my hair back on. My hair does not grow fast so I will be looking at this for a very long time. The owner is very kind and sorry that I had a bad experience.. Then she said they cater to boys and men and I brought up the fact that I walked in there was asking over and over again if They also cut women's hair. Because when I walked in there it seemed to be geared towards men. My suggestion is maybe next time there be more honest... When I went and got my haircut 2 months after this happened they couldn't believe what this woman did to my hair... It just has to grow back.... So my advice is if you are a woman thinking about going in there, DON'T!!! Heck even if you're a man or a boy with long hair and want it layered, think twice!!!!! Cost cutters does a great job!!!!

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Cheri P. | January 5, 2022 Haircut

"I just stopped in there on a whim and asked them if they cut women's hair and I was assured that the"